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Donations 2022

Happy Holiday Season

In 2022, our holiday season contributions have gone in equal parts to the Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP), SmartStart, and Nature for Water.

LGTCP Christmas donation

Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP)

Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP) is a public-private-partnership model designed to respond to the education issues that have emerged in Liberia after 14 years of civil conflict. The LEAP model builds on evidenced interventions to promote optimal learning and increases teaching and management capacity at government schools. LEAP is jointly funded by philanthropic donors and the Liberian government, with the aim of producing a best practice model for school operators and scale to 750 LEAP-managed schools.

More details can be found here.

LGTCP Christmas donation


In low-income communities in South Africa, one million children aged three to four do not have access to early education opportunities. SmartStart uses an innovative social franchise model to deliver high-quality early education across South Africa. The organization has become a leader in creating opportunities for children, supporting them in their social, academic and emotional development.

More details can be found here.

LGTCP Donations

Nature for Water

90% of urban watersheds globally are degraded, which has led to a worldwide water scarcity. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has set up the “Nature for Water Facility”, a team within TNC, comprised of scientists and functional experts, to centralize resources and codify best practices around Water Funds. The facility provides technical assistance, stakeholder management and implementation services based on local requirements.

More details can be found here.

In addition, and in line with our philosophy to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, throughout the year we have been working with Caritas, Helvetas, Médecins sans Frontières, Swiss Red Cross, and Unicef to support people in need and mitigate the effects of war and hunger.

  • We have been directing funds to a new project launched by Caritas, aimed at mitigating the effects of a severe drought in Ethiopia, as well as projects in Ukraine.
  • In Sri Lanka, we have been contributing to a new project initiated by Helvetas, helping local communities in the struggle against skyrocketing food prices.
  • Médecins sans Frontières has benefitted from a donation to facilitate their work combating the malnutrition crisis in African countries such as Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.
  • We have been working with the Swiss Red Cross to support their projects directly in Ukraine as well as neighboring countries such as Moldova, to support people suffering as a result of the war.
  • With Unicef, we have been financing projects in Poland to support children and young refugees, with a focus on health promotion and illness prevention.

Furthermore, the LGT Group Foundation, our parent company, typically makes a substantial financial contribution to the LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation to fund its various philanthropic initiatives.

We thank you for your continued trust in LGT Capital Partners, and wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and joyous holiday season and a healthy, prosperous new year.

“We, as a family-owned company, feel privileged to be in a position that allows us to provide financial support to people in need on a regular basis. We are grateful that, together with our partners, clients and staff members, we have had the opportunity to sponsor several projects around the world and thus make a valuable contribution to disadvantaged societies globally.”


Pius Fritschi, a Managing Partner, LGT Capital Partners