Why LGT Capital Partners

Leveraging 25 years of investment experience, we are a partner to more than 700 institutional clients globally.

Alignment of interests

As a principal investor, we invest in our own strategies alongside our clients, resulting in the close alignment of our interests. We also test emerging asset classes or strategies with our own capital before offering new investment themes or solutions to clients.

Strong and stable platform

At LGT Capital Partners, we think and act long term. This mindset is reflected in our distinctive corporate culture and the long tenure of our team. The result is a strong and stable platform that enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients around the globe.

Proven approach to alternative investing

Our strategies are designed to deliver sustainable returns across market cycles. Our strength lies in our ability to combine different investment approaches, diversify risks and exploit new opportunities. The USD 18 billion LGT Endowment is a testament to the success of our investment philosophy.

Access to private markets

We have built an extensive network of private market managers and assets, giving us privileged access to attractive investment opportunities in hard-to-reach segments or regions.