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How we invest

We believe in the opportunities provided by private markets and diversifying strategies, as well as in our ability to create value through active management and ESG integration.

Private markets as a source of alpha

We are convinced that a skill-based approach to private markets investing can lead to outperformance over the long term – especially when value- and yield-oriented strategies are combined on an integrated platform.

Capturing the benefits of diversifying strategies

We have been offering our clients investment solutions with diversifying strategies for many years based on the conviction that they can add value to an investment portfolio in any market environment. These strategies not only provide stability but also generate uncorrelated return opportunities.

Robust portfolios combining asset classes

We take a holistic approach within a broad alternative investment universe, combining asset classes with the objective to build robust portfolios. In addition, we continuously stress test our exposures to assess their resilience in the face of different future scenarios and adjust them if necessary.

Creating value through active management

Our investment professionals actively manage portfolios, leveraging the strength of our global platform. This allows them to identify and exploit attractive global investment opportunities and to better anticipate potential risks at an early stage.

Prudent approach to risk-taking

We strive to be an early mover and continuously evaluate new investment opportunities and strategies, while taking a prudent approach to risk. This includes only pursuing new investment opportunities once a comprehensive due diligence process has been completed.

Comprehensive integration of ESG criteria

We take a rigorous approach to ESG due diligence, with ESG criteria embedded deep in our investment process. A key differentiator is the breadth of our sustainable investment offering, with different ESG approaches for specific asset classes. Find out more here.