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Investing with a purpose

Institutional capital can be harnessed to address the world’s most pressing challenges, while realizing strong risk-adjusted financial returns. Discover impact investing.

As investors realize the impact of their capital on society and the environment, there is a growing demand for opportunities that support solutions for critical social and environmental challenges. Key questions involve how to invest  impactfully without sacrificing financial returns, how to verify and measure impact, and how to ensure both authenticity and transparency of impact.

LGT Capital Partners has longstanding experience and strategies that allow our investors to successfully invest with impact.  Leveraging the scale of the broader LGT network, we offer investment solutions across sustainable investing, impact investing, and ESG measurement in alternative and multi-asset portfolios.

More than profit

Impact investments intentionally provide capital to companies that address the world’s most pressing challenges, ranging from healthcare, housing, and education to agriculture, renewable energy and circular economy.

An impact investor can generate a financial return, while making a measurable social or environmental impact with the capital contributed. In other words, impact investors consider not only traditional financial metrics when selecting assets, but also the impact factors. Impact investors can select to invest across a wide range of strategies, return targets and asset classes.

The impact investing industry today is contributing only a small fraction of the impact required to address the global challenges facing our communities and our planet. Issues such as climate change, inequality, and social division remain widespread, presistant and growing. The trajectory of the impact investing industry must exponentially accelerate to meet the significant demand for lasting solutions. 

We believe growing awareness of impact investing is setting in motion a virtuous cycle for transformational change towards such solutions. The rapid growth and professionalization of the impact investing landscape is also fueling the growth of entrepreneurship and development across businesses that contribute to better social and environmental outcomes. This presents a significant opportunity for impact investors to deploy capital across a rapidly growing range of solutions that are driving transformational changes across their respective sectors.

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A global impact investing platform

At LGT Capital Partners, we have established a successful private equity impact investing practice that seeks to deliver verified, measurable impact together with strong risk-adjusted private equity returns.  Our private equity impact strategies combine diciplined impact management with our deep global private equity platform in order to build a high-quality global private equity impact portfolio.

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LGT Capital Partners' sister company, Lightrock, is a direct global impact investing platform that seeks attractive financial as well as societal and environmental returns by investing in and engaging with early-stage businesses that contribute positively to humankind and the planet across Europe and developing markets.

The LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation provides worldwide support - in the form of investments and donations - to organizations and businesses who implement solutions that contribute directly to the achievement of the SDGs. The foundation offers financial assistance as well as knowledge and access to networks to advance success of the organizations it supports.