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Sustainable Equity

We offer clients the opportunity to make an ESG investment while benefitting from equity returns. Our sustainable equity strategies focus on companies with sound ESG credentials and strong fundamentals that can create sustainable value over the long term.

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What we do

As an early mover in the sustainable equity space, we have been integrating ESG criteria into our equity portfolios since 2009. When managing our global, quality, European and market-neutral strategies, we follow a fully integrated approach that combines in-depth fundamental analysis with a holistic ESG assessment at every stage of the investment process − from defining the investment universe to portfolio construction.

Pillars of our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the following convictions:

  • Companies with sustainable business models and strong fundamentals are well positioned to create value over the long term
  • Bottom-up, active management results in concentrated, high-conviction portfolios
  • ESG is a driver of risk-adjusted returns

Our approach – why partner with us

We follow a fully integrated approach that combines fundamental and ESG analysis throughout the investment process, from defining the investment universe to portfolio construction.

Team – an average of 16 years of industry experience

Our Sustainable Equity team leverages the combined expertise of 17 professionals with an average of 16 years of industry experience to drive our proven investment and risk management process, generating performance across market cycles.


Marc Gonzales



Adrian Doswald

Executive Director


Active ownership – A targeted approach for positive impact

"At LGT Capital Partners, active ownership is one of the pillars of our holistic ESG approach to pursue sustainable value creation. In my role, it is rewarding to see how our proactive dialogue with investee companies can drive positive real-world impact. I greatly value the fact that the firm’s engagement approach prioritizes well-informed, targeted and consistent messaging. These strong foundations are becoming increasingly critical as we navigate significant environmental and societal challenges.”

Sally Rosengren

Equity Analyst


Investing for the long term

“Since joining the Sustainable Equity team in Hong Kong in 2018, I have been impressed by how we have continuously grown our expertise in fundamental, bottom-up research in Asia over the years. LGT Capital Partners launched its first sustainable equity fund in 2009. Today, we are an experienced specialist in sustainable long-term investing, which is one of the reasons why many Asian clients want to partner with us.”

Jimmy Hao

Portfolio Manager


Shared values for long-term success

“Our early recognition of the importance of sustainable equity investing has contributed to our successful growth in recent years – and we believe that the greatest part of this journey still lies ahead of us. Our team has grown steadily and, today, remains fully committed to our core values of mutual respect, flat hierarchies, quick decision-making processes and a healthy enthusiasm for future challenges in the sustainable investing space.”

Ralf Piersig

Portfolio Manager