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ESG integration

We have developed asset class-specific approaches to ESG integration that fit together within a single holistic framework but address the needs of each asset class.

Tailoring ESG integration to each asset class

The breadth and depth of our ESG approach is a key element of our value proposition. Drawing on more than two decades of experience, we have designed different ESG frameworks that are tailored to each asset class:

  • In our direct equity and fixed income portfolios, we focus on evaluating individual securities using our “ESG Cockpit”. This proprietary analysis tool integrates raw data from a range of ESG data providers into over 40 KPIs in order to assess the ESG profiles of different companies.
  • In our multi-manager portfolios – including private equity, private debt and hedge funds – we evaluate and engage with our underlying managers on ESG, encouraging them to raise the bar for ESG over time.
  • We also apply an ESG framework to less obvious asset classes, such as insurance-linked securities, based on our belief that it is possible to invest through a meaningful ESG lens.

In connection with the management and operation of certain investment mandates, LGT Capital Partners (and/or the investors in such mandates) may be subject to laws that regulate the manner in which ESG considerations may be incorporated into investment processes. Where applicable and notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, LGT Capital Partners intends to incorporate ESG considerations into the investment process in a manner that complies with such laws and regulations. Further, when required by any such laws and regulations, LGT Capital Partners intends to pursue risk-adjusted returns without concessionality to ESG considerations.