We provide access to a broad range of private market and diversifying strategies. Leveraging our 25 years of experience in managing the LGT Endowment, we offer investors exposure to an established portfolio of alternative investments through semi-liquid vehicles.

Hedge Fund Solutions

We have provided hedge fund investment solutions for our clients through our proprietary Managed Account Platform since 2000. Our portfolios are focused on delivering absolute returns with downside mitigation in any market environment and are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

Quantitative Investment Strategies

Our quantitative investment strategies are developed internally to strengthen portfolio resilience and diversification. We trade systematically across all major asset classes to generate alpha in a highly liquid, cost-efficient and transparent manner.

Insurance-Linked Strategies

We invest in performance by nature. Our solutions provide access to a rapidly developing asset class that offers exceptional diversification due to its low correlation to financial markets.

Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Our Emerging Markets Fixed Income strategies provide attractive long-term returns with moderate volatility by investing in emerging and frontier market sovereign debt. These strategies are characterized by a low correlation with global risk drivers and offer resilience in periods of high uncertainty.