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We provide access to a broad range of private market and diversifying strategies. Leveraging our 25 years of experience in managing the LGT Endowment, we offer investors exposure to an established portfolio of alternative investments through semi-liquid vehicles.

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What we do

As a specialist in multi-alternatives, we co-invest in the same underlying alternative portfolios as the LGT Endowment, incorporating a broad range of risk/return drivers from a number of alternative investments. Combining active, top-down asset allocation with dynamic portfolio management, we capture attractive market opportunities – resulting in robust, diversified portfolios with improved liquidity compared to traditional private market investments. Our portfolios are spread across three core areas:

  • Private equity – Primaries, secondaries and co-investments
  • Alternative income – Infrastructure, private debt, real estate and insurance-linked strategies
  • Hedge funds – Defensive, discretionary and systematic hedge fund strategies

Robust portfolios in changing market environments

Our multi-alternative strategy is built on our proprietary scenario planning framework. This forward-looking approach considers a variety of future economic scenarios in order to create robust portfolios for changing market conditions. We aim to strike a balance between return-enhancing and diversifying strategies to help portfolios grow in favorable market environments and to protect them against downside risks in periods of market stress.

Our approach – why partner with us

Our multi-alternatives strategy enables investors to capture a broad range of investment opportunities that are largely unavailable in public markets, while offering liquidity and downside mitigation. Our portfolio structures offer investors:

  • Access to alternative assets – Our portfolios provide immediate exposure to a diversified portfolio of fully-invested private market assets and a variety of liquid alternatives strategies.
  • Downside mitigation – The portfolios’ return drivers are not linked to equity or bond markets and they aim to provide downside mitigation during periods of market turmoil.
  • Favorable liquidity terms – Our investors benefit from better liquidity conditions than with traditional private market investments.
  • High-quality manager selection – We combine externally and internally managed strategies with the aim of identifying return- and diversification-optimized sources in a cost-effective way.
  • Alignment of interest – Strong alignment of interest stems from our co-investment alongside the LGT Endowment and LGT staff members, who invest in the same underlying portfolios.

Team – an average of 14 years of industry experience

Our Multi-Alternatives team comprises professionals with expertise in asset allocation, investment selection and risk management and an average of 14 years of industry experience.


Antonio Ferrer



Rafael Silveira



Combining robustness and agility in one private equity portfolio

"Private equity has been a key component of the LGT Endowment from day one. In our portfolio construction, we combine our long-term vision with our commitment to unlocking attractive investment opportunities day after day. This approach not only helps us to capture pockets of growth but to also navigate turbulent conditions. I am excited to be part of this journey, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients."

Pauline Wetter

Portfolio Manager


True diversification is the key to long-term wealth creation

“Our multi-alternative portfolios are built to access uncorrelated risk premia in order to truly diversify our risk factor exposures. This approach underpins our efforts to maximize risk-adjusted returns by focusing on downside mitigation with our alternative exposures, and at the same time capture the active engagement premia of our private market investments. As a result, our firm’s investment DNA supports our investors’ ambition to protect and grow wealth over cycles.“

Antonio Ferrer

Portfolio Manager


Building long-term partnerships with our clients

"I find it remarkable that LGT Capital Partners has been able to maintain the same distinctive entrepreneurial culture since it was founded in 1998. As a principal investor in our own strategies, our interests are closely aligned with those of our clients. We aim to build successful long-term partnerships with them by gaining a precise understanding of their investment goals and then delivering customized, skill-based solutions."

Margriet Looije

Relationship Manager