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Hedge funds optimize the risk/return ratio of a portfolio

Hedge funds are often not considered an independent asset class, but more as a way of more actively managing various asset classes. As such, they should be used to complement traditional investment strategies. They can be used to improve the diversification of a portfolio and/or increase return opportunities, as hedge funds tap into more diverse sources of return with a low correlation to other investment classes.

LGT Capital Partners has used hedge fund investments as a specific investment strategy since 1994. The firm's hedge fund competence is characterized by:

  • a comprehensive, systematic selection process, 
  • a strict risk management approach and
  • transparency, which is also achieved through numerous managed accounts.

LGT Capital Partners has access to the competitive hedge funds across a range of strategies. To date, the firm has invested in more than 150 funds and the company currently manages over USD 10 billion in hedge funds.

Hedge fund solutions for various investment requirements

  • Trading strategies (Managed Futures, Macro) 
  • Credit/Arbitrage
  • Long/Short 
  • Multi-alternative solutions 
  • UCITS-compliant hedge fund solutions: Alternative beta solutions 
  • Listed hedge funds (Castle Alternative Invest):

 For more information on hedge funds, please contact the specialists at LGT Capital Partners.

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