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Liquid alternatives - take advantage of the diversity of alternative investments

Alternative investments can be used to optimize both the diversification and the risk/return ratio of a portfolio.

Investors can benefit from a variety of alternative liquid investment strategies. Depending on an investor's return requirements and risk budget, these are ideal as additional investment strategies within a portfolio as a whole.

Insurance-linked investments

In order to broadly diversify a portfolio, it is necessary to tap into new investment opportunities that have very limited correlation with other asset classes. Insurance-linked strategies (ILS) offer attractive potential returns and have a low correlation with the financial markets

Hedge funds

As an investor, LGT Capital Partners has used hedge funds as a specific investment strategy since 1997. To date, it has invested in more than 150 funds and the company currently manages around USD 10 billion in hedge funds.

Alternative style premia

Alternative style premia strategies generate returns beyond equities and bonds, in a cost efficient and consistent manner. Investors benefit from the genuine diversification offered by four distinct investment styles which are well-balanced and adaptive to a wide range of economic and financial market conditions.


For more information on how to make optimal use of liquid alternative investments, please contact the specialists at LGT Capital Partners.



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