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Beyond financial services

Being a good global citizen

Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen

LGT Capital Partners' commitment to ESG is a reflection of our core values. Among these is the belief that being a good corporate citizen entails investing and acting responsibly.

ESG Report 2021

For what is already the ninth time, the annual ESG Report from LGT Capital Partners shows how LGT’s portfolio managers incorpoAs people and planet face ever greater challenges – global warming, the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing inequality – ESG efforts are increasingly focusing on real world outcomes. At LGT CP, we too have
been moving towards a greater outcome orientation in our ESG approach, and it forms the core focus of this year’s ESG Report.

Read the entire ESG Report 2021 (PDF) online.


Commitment as a firm

A long-term focus on sustainability is core part of our corporate culture.

Commitment as an investor

Find out more about how LGT Capital Partners integrates ESG into its investment activities.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Institutional capital can be harnessed to address the world’s most pressing challenges, while realizing strong risk-adjusted financial returns. Discover impact investing.

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LGT Capital Partners' ESG awards*

*LGT Capital Partners was selected to be on a short list of nominees for the awards referenced above by the respective organizations or editorial boards. The selection of LGT Capital Partners to receive the awards was based in part on subjective criteria and a limited universe of candidates, and therefore there can be no assurance that a different organization or editorial board or voters might not have selected other firms or transactions as the winners. LGT Capital Partners does not know whether it has been rated by this or any other third party in any way that would conflict with this award. The information provided above is solely for informational purposes and may not be representative of a particular investor's experience, nor should the information be construed, or relied upon, as any indication of future performance of LGT Capital Partners and its offering.