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Develop yourself further

The contribution of each individual is crucial to overall success. LGT therefore pays particular attention to the whole person. The in-house Liechtenstein Academy promotes the development of body and mind.

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The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation carries out the training programs of the LGT Academy. Its integrated approach to developing the whole person encompasses all areas of life and provides

  • top-quality, interconnected content, 
  • top-class tutors from the academic and business communities, 
  • modern, skills-oriented training design.

The courses are held at Schloss Freudenfels near Stein am Rhein.

H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein

"We regard training and professional education as a process which should engage body and mind equally. Only those who know and understand themselves are capable of truly understanding others."

H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, founder and Member of the Foundation Board of the Liechtenstein Academy, established in 1995