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Delivering beyond

Benefitting from the expertise and
experience of a principal investor

Our Investment competencies

Beyond financial services

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ESG Report 2019

Progress on ESG in all regions, albeit from very different starting points

ESG Report 2019

Beyond the short term

A principal investor approach

Our values

ESG to SDGs: the road ahead

How investors in alternatives integrate ESG and their views on the SDGs

ESG to SDGs: the road ahead

Providing expertise and experience in alternatives

LGT Capital Partners is a leading global specialist in alternative investing. As a principal investor in our own strategies, we are well aligned with our clients, with whom we develop long-term partnerships.



Investment competencies

As a specialist investor, LGT Capital Partners draws on the resources and expertise of its global platform to focus on private markets, liquid alternatives, multi-asset/multi-alternative solutions.


Jun 27, 2019

LGT acquires majority stake in Indian wealth manager Validus Wealth

LGT has agreed to acquire a controlling stake in Validus Wealth. Validus Wealth is an Indian wealth management firm with a presence in nine cities across the country. This transaction will enable LGT to gain a foothold in India’s up-and-coming market for high-net-worth private clients.

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Jul 4, 2019

LGT Investorama: Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked

LGT Capital Partners recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Most of the time, anniversaries provide a good occasion to look back. Remember: 20 years ago, the impending computer crash - the "Millennium Bug" - kept the public in suspense during the transition to the next millennium. There were even voices predicting apocalyptic scenarios. There are parallels between the prophecies of that time and today's mood among investors. A large number of investors also believe that we are approaching the end of the (market-)cycle.

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Jul 1, 2019

LGT European Capital announces final close of Crown European Private Debt II S.C.Sp. at EUR 1.35 billion

LGT European Capital is pleased to announce the final close of Crown European Private Debt II S.C.Sp. (CEPD II), with total subscriptions of EUR 1.35 billion (original target of EUR 800 million). The program’s investor base consists of more than 60 institutions, including pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and family offices in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Furthermore, LGT European Capital will operate under the name of LGT Private Debt as of 1 July 2019.

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The Firm

The Firm

We are a leading alternative investment specialist with USD 60 billion of assets under management and more than 500 institutional clients in 37 countries. An international team of more than 450 professionals is responsible for managing a wide range of investment programs focusing on private markets, liquid alternatives and multi-asset solutions. Headquartered in Pfaeffikon (SZ) Switzerland, the firm has offices across Europe, US, Middle East and Asia.


At LGT Capital Partners, we take a long-term approach, which reflects our heritage as a family-owned firm of entrepreneurs. Part of this heritage is thinking and acting sustainably and responsibly as a firm, an investor, a partner and a member of society.

Client service

At LGT Capital Partners we want to develop true long-term partnerships with our clients based on a deep understanding of their investment goals and a commitment to knowledge sharing.The stability of our teams and of our platform are key to delivering this.

LGT Capital Partners offers a wide range of career opportunities


We offer a wide range of career opportunities in a dynamic, global environment for talented, ambitious people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

a wide range of career opportunities


"Building and developing partnerships with our clients and within our firm is at the core of our activities. We strive to exceed expectations through hard and honest work."

Executive Management Team, LGT Capital Partners