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Career life cycle

At LGT Capital Partners, we want to be an employer of choice that can attract and retain the best talents over the long term. This includes providing attractive training and development opportunities so that our staff members can continuously broaden their knowledge and experience and successfully pursue their professional journey within our firm.

Recruitment process

Our rigorous recruitment approach is designed to ensure that new hires not only have the right experience and expertise but are also a good fit for our distinctive corporate culture.

The interview process involves the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Get to know each other – This typically takes the form of a virtual interview with two representatives of the business who focus on your background and skillset and what interests you most about the role.
  • Stage 2: Get a deep dive – This round takes place on site and enables you to talk to different members of our team, from potential colleagues to line managers and an HR representative. This stage of the process may include a case study and / or technical interview.
  • Stage 3: Get a platform – The final round of the interview process involves a meeting with members of the Executive Committee.
  • Stage 4: Get reconfirmation – To validate the impression that we have gained of you as a candidate, we reach out to at least two of the references you provide.
  • Stage 5: Get an offer – When making an offer of employment, we determine aspects such as compensation based on internal and market standards and a comparison with your peers.

A dedicated HR Business Partner supports candidates throughout the interview process.


Positively shaping my career

"Working at LGT Capital Partners has contributed tremendously to my professional growth by providing a platform for learning and mentorship and by giving me opportunities to take on greater responsibility. My experience at the firm − with training, diverse projects and a collaborative atmosphere − has positively shaped my career."

Aline Meier

Investor Reporting Specialist, Analyst


A culture of respect and collaboration

"LGT Capital Partners caught my attention given its position as a Swiss-based yet globally recognized player with a focus on private markets. I started working at the firm part-time during my studies, before joining on a full-time basis through the Analyst program. That possibility to combine my studies with work initially provided me with a unique opportunity to get a head start in my career. Over the years, I have really valued the great team spirit. Our culture of respect and collaboration creates an inspiring workplace where I have always been able to show initiative and contribute. Having the opportunity to bring ideas to the table and to work independently early on has allowed me to quickly progress in my role and continuously challenge myself to grow."

Alexandra Katinova

Private Markets Program Management, Associate Director


A commitment to achieving excellence

"I joined LGT Capital Partners recently − in June 2023 − and I am part of the Private Equity Primaries team. I am so impressed by how welcoming my colleagues have been and by their willingness to help each other. I feel proud to be a part of this inspiring and professional organization where people truly have a collaborative spirit and a commitment to achieving excellence. Being a working mother in a fast-paced industry, it is never easy to strike a nice balance between work and family, or between career ambitions and other life ambitions. Here at LGT Capital Partners, I feel the strong trust that exists between people, which is a great foundation − fostering open conversations and flexibility to help achieve that balance."

Cindy Jiang

Private Equity Investment Management, Associate Director


Supportive throughout my journey

"When asked about LGT Capital Partners’ unique culture, what comes to mind the most is how supportive the firm has been to me throughout my journey. I struggled with mental health challenges from a young age and I co-founded a mental health tech non-profit company. LGT Capital Partners was our first donor and was also a facilitator, getting in touch with healthcare private equity firms. Beyond tangible steps to assist my health company, the firm’s leadership encouraged me to prioritize self-care and stood by me when I did. "

Alex Jilla

Investment Manager Co-Investments, Executive Director


Constantly develop and grow

"What initially attracted me to LGT Capital Partners was its stable environment, together with its long-term orientation, family heritage and impressive client base. The firm's culture is characterized by smart and highly committed colleagues, open doors and a willingness to share knowledge within and across teams. Throughout my career here, I have had the opportunity to constantly develop and grow, both personally and professionally. I am grateful to be part of such a supportive and dynamic firm."

Mathias Neuhauser

Head Information Management & Technology, Principal


Valuing intellectual rigor and intrinsic motivation

"LGT Capital Partners attracted me as it is a “small firm” within a large, stable organization. The firm values intellectual rigor and intrinsic motivation – we are all empowered to roll up our sleeves and get going. The firm’s culture is also predicated on congeniality – both among staff and in our relationship with our clients. Staff enjoy coming to work – it is extremely rare to have a firm where so many people truly want to spend time with each other, both professionally and personally. "

Ben Linder

Business Development, Partner

Learning and development

At LGT Capital Partners, we have a long track record of outstanding performance driven by our team of talented and motivated professionals.

We are committed to helping you develop continuously based on our understanding that your individual success is key to our shared success. We provide the tools and opportunities that you need to grow and achieve your full potential in a diverse and inclusive culture of continuous learning and entrepreneurship.

Our internal learning and development offering includes tailored training in the areas of leadership, communication, negotiation, foreign languages, and diversity and inclusion, as well as ESG. Our in-house Liechtenstein Academy plays a core role in fostering a culture of professional and personal development throughout the firm.

If you want to learn more about the Liechtenstein Academy, please visit its website.

Launching a career

At LGT Capital Partners, we recognize the importance of fostering talented professionals and offer entry opportunities at every stage of your career – whether you are a student, a graduate or a young or experienced professional.

Find out which entry point matches your skills, interests and expectations towards your professional future.