London Annual Investor Summit held at the Hotel Café Royal

23 May 2024

LGT Capital Partners hosted its 2024 London Annual Investor Summit last week. Our investment professionals gathered with local clients and partners at the Hotel Café Royal to discuss current opportunities and challenges for alternative investments.

Pius Fritschi, Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners, gave an update on the firm and the macro environment. Subsequently, Stephan Kind, Partner, provided insights into investing for the LGT Endowment over the past 25 years and further thoughts on asset allocation positioning.

This was followed by a focus on private markets opportunities with Thomas Kyriakoudis and Matthew Gordon Clark, Partners, who presented an in-depth look at the private credit asset class. Ivan Vercoutère, Managing Partner, addressed the outlook and opportunities for private equity.

There were also breakout sessions on key themes for UK clients such as impact investing in private markets, opportunities in liquid alternatives, the Mansion House reforms and the productive finance agenda and the democratization of private markets, as well as a panel discussion on technology and AI in hedge funds and venture capital.

The program was followed by an evening reception at 1 St. James’s Market to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of LGT Capital Partners.

London Annual Investor Summit 2024