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Our values

We believe that the first responsibility to our investors is preserving and growing their assets over the long term. 

As a firm, the following beliefs are at the core of our approach:

  • Creating partnerships with clients and putting their requirements first, while sharing our own experiences as a principal investor
  • Striving for value preservation and sustainable growth for our investors by achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Thinking and acting responsibly with regard to our investment partners, our investments, our staff and the communities we live in
  • Creating a true alignment of interest with our investors by investing our money side by side
  • Maintaining a culture of trust and respect, determination, teamwork and fairness, that combine to form a strong “we”

We build on these beliefs to help our clients achieving their long-term  investment goals, which we believe creates a basis for future generations and society to prosper.

"Focus, continuity and a global perspective have helped to refine our investment expertise over the years. This has been bolstered by the fact that clients, the owner and staff invest side by side in the same strategies."


Executive Management Team, LGT Capital Partners