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A long-term partner to clients

Stable, long-term ownership is a core prerequisite for durable partnerships with clients, supported by a distinctive corporate culture

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Over the last 25 years, LGT Capital Partners has become a leading global alternative investment specialist. Learn more about our investment philosophy and culture.

  • LGT Capital Partners has forged client relationships with more than 700 institutions, including many in long-term partnerships. 
  • Our success in building and retaining relationships is partly driven by the heritage of stable ownership and long-term investment perspective.
  • We are part of the LGT Group, one of the largest privately owned asset management and private banking groups in the world, with over 4,000 staff in 24 locations worldwide.
  • LGT has been a principal investor in alternative assets since 1994 and has offered client programs in hedge funds since 1996 and private equity since 1997.
  • We operate as a dedicated multi-alternatives platform, acting as a principal investor on behalf of the Princely endowment portfolio, as well as focussing on achieving attractive long-term risk/return profiles for clients. 

Partnership approach includes knowledge-sharing

  • Our partnership approach to client service often includes a significant knowledge-sharing dimension, e.g. conducting workshops on specific aspects of investing to help clients sharpen their investment expertise.
  • In addition, our regular two-day Alternative Investment Conference, explores the latest developments in alternative investing and how they can be applied within an institutional asset liability framework.

Long-term thinking as foundation of team culture

  • Long-term thinking is also the foundation of our distinctive team culture, which emphasizes putting clients’ interests first.
  • This is reinforced by our staff co-investment plan, which allows and obliges all team members to invest in our own investment programs thus facilitating alignment of interest.
  • We believe that investment success comes from the hard and disciplined work of the whole team, not just a few individuals.

"Growing with our investors in long-term quality relationships is a key measure of success for us."


Roberto Paganoni, CEO LGT Capital Partners