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Aug 4, 2020 1:59:00 PM | LGT Capital Partners News

Another clean sweep of A's in the PRI Assessment Report 2020

The results of the 2020 PRI Assessment Report are just in, and once again LGT CP scored A+ on almost all modules.

Jul 8, 2020 1:59:00 PM | LGT Capital Partners News

81% of private equity managers integrate ESG into their investment process

The eighth annual report from LGT Capital Partners (LGT CP) includes results from its ESG assessment of 251 private equity managers, who continue to deepen their ESG practices. LGT CP also shows how it integrates ESG factors into ILS investment decision-making, and how it conducts bottom-up ESG analysis of hedge fund portfolios. In addition, LGT CP demonstrates how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into ESG scoring of stocks and bonds, and how to systematically evaluate green bonds to prevent “green washing” in fixed income portfolios.

Jul 3, 2020 4:00:00 PM | LGT Capital Partners News

LGT Investorama: A crisis is not necessarily a bad thing

The stock market turmoil triggered by the coronavirus was a nerve-shredding experience for investors. Rarely has the mood on the financial markets swung so quickly between exuberance and despair as in the first quarter of this year. Never before have equity markets fallen so rapidly, plummeting by more than 20% from a record high to a bear market. Never before have there been so many days in a row when the stock market has moved up or down by several percentage points daily. 

Mar 23, 2020 4:49:28 PM | LGT Capital Partners News

Coronavirus: LGT Capital Partners has installed various precautionary measures

LGT Capital Partners has installed precautionary measures focusing on the safety of investors, staff and partners, as well as the continuity of the investment and business operations.

Jan 20, 2020 9:47:00 AM | LGT Capital Partners News

LGT Capital Partners announces final close of Crown Asia-Pacific Private Equity IV plc at USD 1 billion hard cap

LGT Capital Partners is pleased to announce the final close of Crown Asia-Pacific Private Equity IV plc (CAPE IV), its fourth private equity investment program investing in the Asia-Pacific region, at the hard cap of USD 1 billion. The program’s investor base consists of more than 50 institutions, including pension funds, insurance companies and university endowments in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

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