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Access to non-core real estate globally

We help investors gain exposure to specialized, non-core real estate assets outside of their home markets

USD invested capital
on endowment investments

While most sophisticated institutional investors have no problem acquiring core real estate assets in their home market, digging down deeper into non-core real estate in far-away geographies can be daunting. Exposure to such assets can bring welcome diversity to a "plain vanilla" portfolio, but they can be difficult to value. Furthermore, unfamiliar local business practices and regulatory requirements could have an outsized effect on an investment's long-term performance. LGT Capital Partners helps investors overcome these obstacles. We focus on acquiring non-core assets predominantly in North America and Europe, leveraging a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals, who are experts in identifying the risks of these specialized properties.

Leveraging experience and network built up in private markets

Our dedicated transaction team of real estate specialists continuously scans the market for non-core real estate opportunities. This includes making primary fund commitments, acquiring assets in secondary transactions and making co-investments with a carefully vetted stable of experienced real estate fund managers. We leverage the experience and wide network of relationships we have built up in private market investing to source and execute promising opportunities. We have strengthened these ties over many years while committing to many funds around the world. This is a key source of deal flow for secondary and co-investment opportunities.

Our real estate transaction team is using the leverage of the firm with its investment hubs in San Francisco, New York, London, Dublin, Pfaeffikon (near Zurich), Hong Kong and Beijing. Led by a team of senior investment professionals with an average of 22 years of experience in the industry, our team has the breadth and depth of local experience to effectively navigate the web of managers spread across the US, Europe and Asia.

Our investment approach has been honed over many years, with our extensive experience combined with a focus on robust  commercial and legal due diligence to understand the key attributes and risks of every assets. We then apply experienced judgement to select the most attractive opportunities. Crucially for investors, we carefully monitor funds after investment to address any risks that may arise over the long life of a real estate portfolio.