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Global access to top-tier real estate opportunities

LGT Capital Partners provides investors with global access to top-tier real estate investment opportunities. The firm focuses on non-core real estate investments, typically pursuing value-add and opportunistic strategies. LGT Capital Partners invests in real estate through primaries, secondaries and co-investments.

Investors benefit from LGT Capital Partners' real estate offerings by:

  • Accessing opportunities in strategies and markets with higher risk-adjusted returns
  • Enhancing performance: through hands-on and focused approach to investing
  • Gaining exposure to a portfolio of specialist funds and direct assets that would be difficult to access without significant team resources and local knowledge
  • Benefitting from a flexible investment approach to create a diversified portfolio with direct exposure through co-investments, diversification through primaries, and a pre-specified portfolio through mature secondary interests
  • Getting access on a global basis to gain returns from a dynamic and evolving real estate market using opportunities specific to each region
  • Non-core real estate investments

Competencies in detail 

Primaries Secondaries Co-investments
Primary funds form the core of LGT Capital Partners' investment programs as primaries provide access to high-quality managers and act as long-term return drivers of the portfolio. We typically focus on smaller, non-core real estate funds that have the ability to access transitional real estate assets off the radar of larger managers. The strongest managers have the skill-sets necessary to access attractive transactions, create value at the asset level and execute prudent and timely exits. LGT Capital Partners' real estate portfolios have an allocation to secondaries in order to provide investors with rapid exposure to real estate assets and provide instant vintage diversification. Early exits from secondary transactions provide investors with early returns, thereby mitigating the J-curve. Furthermore, we are able to leverage our primary investment platform and strong manager relationships to gain access to proprietary information on transaction sourcing to achieve attractive returns. LGT Capital Partners actively pursues co-investments alongside high quality real estate managers. The firm leverages its global platform and expertise to access investments in single assets and portfolios. Co-investments provide more direct investment access and a differentiated source of return for investors.

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