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Private equity primaries with an experienced partner

Our strong team and institutionalized approach have enabled us to build up a 25-year track record that comprises billions of dollars committed to many hundreds of primary fund commitments across the globe.

years track record
advisory board seats

While many institutional investors can place capital with large, globally recognized private equity firms, accessing smaller, lesser-known teams across North America, Europe and Asia can be a challenge. These fund managers focus on smaller companies that get acquired at attractive acquisition multiples in less intermediated processes. The target companies often have substantial scope for managers to add value. LGT Capital Partners has focused on small and middle market primary funds for 25 years, operating in opaque markets where different languages, business practices and regulatory frameworks prevail. We help investors overcome these hurdles and provide access to the opportunities in this space.

Large, international team

Our edge is our large, experienced, international private equity team, which comprises more than 300 professionals based at investment hubs in San Francisco, New York, London, Dublin, Pfaeffikon (near Zurich), Hong Kong and Beijing. The diversity of the team, in which more than 50 nationalities and more than 40 different languages are represented, enables us to source and evaluate funds in markets where local knowledge is a key competitive advantage. Led by a team of partners with an average of 22 years of experience in the industry, our team has the international breadth and the depth of local experience to effectively navigate the universe of small and middle market funds spread across North America, Europe and Asia.

Institutionalized investment approach

Our team follows a single, institutionalized investment approach globally, with proven results over two decades of investing. We carry out in depth robust commercial and legal due diligence on managers prior to investing, identifying and documenting the key attributes and risks of every fund. We then apply experienced judgement to select top-tier managers in our core private equity markets. This enables us to offer institutional investors exposure to a highly vetted selection of managers in portfolios that focus on North American buyout, European buyout and Asian growth capital as well as global venture capital. Crucially for investors, we actively monitor funds after investment to address any risks that may arise over the long life of a private equity portfolio. We also hold advisory board seats on hundreds of funds worldwide, which enhances our ability to monitor and influence the development of funds.

Our strong team and institutionalized approach has enabled us to build up a 20-year track record that comprises billions of dollars committed to many hundreds of primary fund commitments across globe.

We have consistently outperformed private and public equity benchmarks in the US, Europe and Asia over the last 24 years, delivering compelling risk-adjusted returns to our investors.