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Building up diversified "all weather" and multi-alternatives portfolios

Leverage the experience of an experienced multi-asset investor to build up diversified "all weather" and multi-alternatives portfolios

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In a world where markets change faster than ever, driven by an internet-fueled 24-hour news cycle, institutional investors need exposure to robust, diversified portfolios that are exposed to the full range of risk factors and return drivers. We enable investors to capture opportunities while having a level of downside protection in market turbulence.

Investing the Princely endowment for 25 years

We draw on our 25 years of experience in investing the Princely endowment, a USD 18 billion portfolio managed on behalf of our Firm’s shareholder, the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and selected clients. We replicate the strategies employed for our other investors. This approach results in strong alignment of interest between our team, shareholder and investors. This includes a high allocation to alternatives – including private equity, insurance-linked strategies (ILS), hedge funds and real estate – as well as broad set of global equities and bonds. It has achieved sustainable, long-term asset growth with moderate volatility since it was launched in 1999, nearly tripling in value since then and outperforming public equity.

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Proprietary scenario-planning technique

Our starting point for the Princely endowment, and the portfolios we design for our investors, is our proprietary scenario-planning technique. It is a forward-looking approach that considers different economic scenarios, such as "reflationary growth" or "secular stagnation," and aims to build up portfolios that behave in a robust way in changing market environments. We seek to strike a balance between returning-enhancing strategies like private equity and diversifiers like hedge funds and ILS. This positions portfolios to grow when conditions are ripe, yet protects them during times of market stress.

Our team of 24 multi-asset professionals have an average of 20 years of investment experience, and they leverage the combined experience of our in-house investment specialists to design robust portfolios. This includes access to a broad global network of expertise, as we partner with hundreds of carefully vetted external fund managers. It enables us to bring together the most innovative investment thinking from around the world to build up portfolios for our investors.