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ESG integration increases with stronger focus on climate change and human rights

LGT Capital Partners latest ESG investor survey found that a significant majority (85%) of investors in alternative investments are integrating ESG criteria into their investment decisions, an increase of 10 percentage points over the last three years. Climate change and human rights are seen as the most pressing issues among investors, while diversity and inclusion (D&I) has seen the largest increase in attention. In addition, 73% of investors believe ESG is relevant when appointing alternatives managers, with 54% prepared to exclude managers based on ESG concerns. Support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) remains strong.

The changing landscape of ESG and sustainable investing – the methodology

LGT Capital Partners surveyed over 230 investors in alternatives (including pension funds, endowments and insurers) from 28 countries to learn how they are integrating ESG into their investment activities. This includes how investors are prioritizing environmental, social and governance criteria, how they apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  and what progress is being made in the key areas of climate change and diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Tycho Sneyers, a Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners and board member at UN PRI

"Trend towards a stronger outcome-orientation persists"

“Investors are increasingly incorporating ESG considerations into their investment decision-making, and the trend towards a stronger focus on outcome orientation continues, particularly in relation to climate change and human rights. Diversity and inclusion is increasingly high on investors’ agendas, albeit at different stages of implementation in different regions. We also continue to see the SDGs play an important role in guiding investment decisions and in impact measurement.”