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Commitment to ESG

A long-term focus on sustainable investments is a core part of our corporate culture.

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LGT Capital Partners' long-held commitment to ESG began in 2003, when we first began integrating responsible investment provisions into our investment programs.

  • We were among the first alternative investment managers to set up client programs as regulated structures in Ireland and Luxembourg, which benefit from high standards of corporate governance.

  • In 2009, LGT Capital Partners launched dedicated sustainable bond and equity offerings. The firm has been one of the first alternative investment firms to sign upon the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), becoming a signatory in 2008.

  • We are also a signatory to the Montreal Carbon Pledge.

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Embedding ESG into our business

LGT Capital Partners' commitment to ESG is a reflection of our core values. We embed ESG principles in our organization through various initiatives, as shown below. Many of our initiatives are rooted in the ultimate belief that sustainable investing is an integral part of supporting clients over the long run.



  • Have reduced LGT’s carbon footprint by 30% since 2010, when the firm became carbon neutral. Offset emissions by supporting a small-scale hydropower project in Honduras
  • Procure materials produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, using LGT’s systematic supplier risk management framework



  • Support LGT Impact and LGT Venture Philanthropy, two initiatives aimed at growing enterprises that improve the quality of life of less advantaged people around the world through impact investing and venture philanthropy
  • Promote good nutrition and exercise among staff throughthe  company wellness program, known as LGT Vitality
  • Liechtenstein Academy
  • Support staff who wish to volunteer their time to help less advantaged people in their own communities through the LGT Staff Volunteering Program



  • Demonstrate our commitment to transparency by making our accounts publicly available, even though we are privately held
  • Bind our staff to a written code of conduct that puts client interests first and ensures high ethical standards
  • Ensure a well-defined separation of powers in the governance structure, with appropriate checks and balances between the Board of Trustees and various management boards

"For several years now, LGT has used its position as a leading investor to bring about a stronger focus on social and environmental values, especially in alternative asset classes."

Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners, PRI board member