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New LGT Capital Partners Insights whitepaper: Dynamic private equity market fueling secondaries

October 10, 2023

In the third edition of our whitepaper series, LGT Capital Partners Insights, we look into the role of secondaries and other alternative liquidity solutions in the current market.

LGT CP Insights Dynamic Private Equity Market Fueling Secondaries

We are pleased to announce the publication of the third edition in our educational series, LGT Capital Partners Insights. The series covers a variety of alternative investment classes and strategies, and this edition takes a closer look at the current investment environment for private equity, including challenges and potential opportunities.

During 2023, we have witnessed the impact of geopolitics, macroeconomic shifts and higher interest rates on private equity. In our whitepaper, we look at how private equity can adapt to the changing landscape characterized by declining deal-making and exit activity, and explain how investors can capitalize on the current market environment. Specifically, we consider the role of secondaries and alternative liquidity solutions as an increasingly important tool for private equity investors.

With over 25 years of private equity experience, LGT Capital Partners has the long-term investment horizon needed to create value and sustain strong performance over time – with a developed understanding of the opportunities that secondaries and other alternative liquidity solutions offer in the current environment. In our new whitepaper “Dynamic private equity market fueling secondaries”, we share this expertise.

Please access the full whitepaper here.