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Tapering - the end of the stock market?

February 4, 2014

This edition of our investor magazine "Investorama" focusses on the consequences of the end of the unorthodox monetary policy. does not mean. The focus article revolves around China. A lot is changing in China, which also opens up some attractive possibilities for investors.

In January 2014, the US Federal Reserve started to exit from its ultra-expansive bond purchase program. Bond purchases will be gradually reduced, although initially the tapering will be quite modest. Many market participants were wary of this step. But it does not mean the end of the stock market. It also sheds light on how investors could position themselves in the current market situation. In an interview we discuss the announced reform plans of the Chinese government and what they can offer for investors. 

The last five years have been shaped by the most accommodative monetary policy ever implemented by central banks in Europe, the US and Japan. However, a normalization of monetary policy does not compromise the long-term appeal of the stock market. Because equities remain strategically attractive and belong in a diversified portfolio.

Dynamism and innovation – reforms in China create investment opportunities

In an interview Quanqiang Xian, external manager of the Princely Strategy and certified expert on China, explains why the announced reform plans of the Chinese government are more benificial fpr more competitive and dynamic companies and how this creates investment opportunities.

Finally, in the “Money tales” section we show which important inventions originate in China. And in this edition, our feature "The number" unveils how 127 is connected to China.

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