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New issue on the topic of "innovation"

September 29, 2015

The new issue of CREDO will be published in late September. Its topic is "innovation". Please check out the online edition on too with its multimedia content and direct access to previous issues, portraits and reports.


Innovation takes courage! This is demonstrated in an exemplary manner by the current cover personality of our client journal CREDO. Laura Weidman Powers is a young woman who, without any safety net, has set up an organization to help Black and Latino/a students conquer Silicon Valley. Innovation is motion! At least that’s what the renowned biochemist Gottfried Schatz believes. He also tells us what we have to do to make sure innovative people aren’t held back.

Innovation is based on mistakes and blunders! These are not just inevitable, but in fact a prerequisite for new things to emerge. The astrophysicist Mario Livio is convinced of it. Further articles in the journal show how innovative thought isn’t always rewarded – and how an entrepreneur in Kenya is improving the world with innovations while still making a profit.

Multimedia content

At you can find additional multimedia content. CREDO online also allows you direct access to the extraordinary stories, portraits and reports of previous issues.

Wealth-enhancing culture

CREDO demonstrates what LGT understands by “wealth-enhancing culture,” and what values are important to us. It is published twice a year, in late March and late September. Do you enjoy CREDO? We’ll be happy to send it to you free of charge.