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Climate change on the financial markets?

December 3, 2014

The U.S. Federal Reserve has now ended its purchases of bonds, bringing the Fed closer to normalizing its monetary policy. But interest rates remain low, even outside the United States. The new edition of Investorama tries to specify if we see a climate change on the financial markets and takes a close look to India.

The European Central Bank launched its own version of "quantitative easing" in October. And the Bank of Japan recently announced again that it was expanding its already very generous stimulus program. Thus at the global level, monetary policy will continue to be expansive for quite a while. In these tough conditions, it is even more important to identify opportunities and risks early on and to take the right investment decisions.

Emerging market India – opportunities for investors?

The results of the recent elections have triggered the hope that India’s economy will get a lift going forward. In an interview, Urs Schöttli, Asia expert and former correspondent for the Swiss newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", talks about what we can expect from India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi and what opportunities open up for wealth management.

Our money tale is all about the oldest stock exchange in Asia, the Bombay Stock Exchange.  What does 24 have to do with Indias financial system? Read "The number" to find out more.

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