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Attractive service offering for Liechtenstein trustees

March 10, 2014

As a Liechtenstein trustee, you can delegate the technical implementation of the Tax Agreement between Liechtenstein and Austria to us.

We will take care of all the formalities for you so that you can concentrate on the essentials – your clients.

Implementing the regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming for banks and trustees, making it all the more important to exploit available synergies.

Benefit from our range of services

As a trustee, you can delegate most of the tasks involved in the technical implementation of the Tax Agreement to us. In other words, if your client is looking to regularise his assets using the available options, we will calculate his one-off payment – not only for his assets held with LGT but also for all his assets worldwide.

All the information you need for your clients is available in LGT Class, our online banking service. Once your client has chosen an option, we will also take care of settlement vis-à-vis the tax authorities on your behalf and will draw up the relevant confirmations for your clients. You are kept up to date at all times, allowing you to stay in control of the whole process.

We are here for you

It is important to us, as your partner, to provide you with quick and competent support in implementing the Tax Agreement. Your relationship manager will be pleased to discuss our range of services with you.  

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