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Global access to top-tier private equity funds

LGT Capital Partners focuses on primary fund investments, secondary transactions, co-investments and listed private equity. The firm invests across a wide range of strategies – including buyouts, special situations/turnarounds, cleantech, growth and venture capital in Europe, North America and Asia – with an emphasis on small and middle market buyouts.

LGT Capital Partners has a proven track record of accessing and securing allocations to high-quality managers and discovering strong emerging managers by systematically canvassing each of the local markets. The firm is one of the world's leading investors in private equity:

  • Commitments to more than 1200 private equity funds in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific since 1997
  • Consistent outperformance of private and public equity benchmarks
  • Partner of choice for institutional investors seeking to allocate capital to innovative and differentiated private equity programs

Competencies in detail

Primaries Secondaries Co-investments
Primary funds form the core of LGT Capital Partners' investment programs as primaries provideaccess to high-quality managers and act as long-term return drivers of the portfolio. We typically focus on small and middle market buyouts, as these segments are less reliant on leverage and benign credit markets. Top-tier managers in this space are uniquely positioned to source promising companies, add value through distinct operational improvements, and exit them at higher valuation multiples. LGT Capital Partners' portfolios have a significant allocation to secondaries in order to provide investors with rapid exposure to quality assets and provide instant vintage diversification. Early exits from secondary transactions provide investors with early returns, thereby mitigating the J-curve. Furthermore, we are able to leverage our primary investment platform and strong manager relationships to gain access to proprietary information on transaction sourcing and portfolio company valuation to achieve attractive returns. LGT Capital Partners actively pursues co-investments alongside high quality managers in its network. The firm leverages its global platform and expertise and often has preferred or exclusive access especially in the small and middle market segment.

For investors seeking daily liquidity, we offer our Castle Private Equity program, an investment company that has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1997.

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