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Strategy funds

LGT strategy funds generate attractive return opportunities through participating in rising markets combined with an objective to preserve capital at the end of the investment horizon.

LGT strategy funds are based on LGT Capital Partners' many years of experience in disciplined asset allocation. The multi-asset solutions offer investors an innovative concept with focus on positive performance over the selected investment horizon ("total return concept"). LGT Capital Partners adds value through implementation of dedicated procedures on three levels:

  • Strategic asset allocation (SAA) – Using scenario planning, LGT Capital Partners develops robust portfolios that include more than just conventional asset classes. In addition to assessing the risk/return profile for each asset class, SAA involves estimating the correlation between the asset classes, which can be decisive in determining the income earned/lost by a mixed fund. This enables to offer investors different portfolios that are determined to be robust in various markets environments
  • Tactical asset allocation (TAA) – TAA enables funds to respond flexibly to changes in the market environment. The tactical asset allocations at LGT Capital Partners are synchronized at the end of each quarter as part of a structured process.
  • Active portfolio management – The comprehensive portfolio management process allows to use a variety if investment vehicles efficiently. Portfolio implementation is mainly based on direct investments. Quality, liquidity and sustainable aspects are key in the selection process. Investment opportunities can be taken using short-term, anti-cyclical investments. This means that LGT strategy funds can ensure daily liquidity of most investments.

A solution from LGT Capital Partners for capital preservation: LGT total return approach

LGT strategy funds are structured in such a way to maximize likelyhood that positive returns will have been generated upon reaching a rolling investment horizon from two to five years (LGT total return approach). Hedging is provided through broad diversification as well as investments running contrary to market trends. Profits generated from investments that post an above-average performance are then invested in assets that are currently undervalued but which have better chances of future success. A sound risk management aims to minimize losses, targeting an appropriate risk-adjusted return for the investor.

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