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Alternative investments: increasing returns and lowering risk from a single source

Alternative investments are presently a key component of broadly diversified portfolios. They can also be used to tap into uncorrelated drivers of return while optimizing the risk profile.

For 17 years, LGT Capital Partners has been developing suitable allocation strategies using various alternative asset classes, entrusting the implementation of these to the best managers worldwide. This makes multi-alternative solutions a good option for having all these activities carried out by an experienced pair of hands.

Investors benefit from:

  • comprehensive diversification across asset classes, styles and regions
  • an optimized risk/return profile
  • alternative sources of return
  • the company's global network and long-standing relationships
  • LGT Capital Partners' 17-year track record in the area of comprehensive portfolio analysis

For more information on multi-alternative solutions, please contact the specialists at LGT Capital Partners.

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