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Fixed-income specialties: additional sources of return

The current market environment presents investors who depend on regular income with major challenges. In the fixed-income area, in particular, it is only by making use of special solutions that attractive income can be generated with the same level of risk.

As an active manager in fixed-income, LGT Capital Partners employs various strategies to generate positive relative returns (also in absolute terms). Investors benefit from being able to tap into new sources of alpha and high-quality investments.

Take advantage of "specialized" solutions that generate additional sources of return or combine these with high-quality bonds:

  • Emerging markets local-currency bonds
  • Strategies with asymmetrical return targets
  • Global bonds (with active bond/currency positioning)
  • High-yield bonds
  • Convertible bonds
  • Solutions according to sustainability criteria

In addition to bond portfolios with direct investments, investors can also benefit from further best-in-class solutions for high-yield bonds, convertible bonds or insurance-linked investments.

For more information on investment solutions, please contact the specialists at LGT Capital Partners.

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