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Multi-asset solutions: robust portfolios with diversified access

LGT Capital Partners' multi-asset solutions are based on many years of experience in asset allocation. Using LGT's scenario analysis, the firm develops robust portfolios by finding the optimum combination of various asset classes in line with clients' investment needs and investment horizons.

It is often a major challenge for investors to find the optimum combination of various asset classes. This requires comprehensive research, in-depth analyses and experience together with the necessary resources. LGT Capital Partners has developed multi-asset investment solutions tailored to clients' individual risk/return profiles for more than 17 years.

Multi-alternatives solutions

Having invested in various alternative asset classes since its foundation, LGT Capital Partners combines these in a professional manner to increase returns while lowering risk.

Endowment-like mandates

LGT Capital Partners makes it possible for clients to invest their assets using the same endowment-like strategy as its owners, the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

Inflation-linked bonds

Investment solutions with a universe of global and emerging market instruments.

Specialized fixed-income solutions

These investment solutions comprise emerging market local-currency bonds, asymmetrical return targets, global bonds (with active bond/currency positioning) as well as high-yield bonds and convertible bonds.

Strategy funds

With its strategy funds, LGT Capital Partners employs different risk/return profiles with focus on positive performance over the selected investment horizon, using sound risk management procedures.


Investors with LGT Capital Partners benefit from a comprehensive, systematic and proven investment process which is based on the firm's scenario analysis and incorporates concepts of behavioral finance. For more information on investment solutions, please contact the specialists at LGT Capital Partners.

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