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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

At LGT Capital Partners, we value the diversity of our staff members. We believe that diverse organizations attract and retain higher quality talent, while also adds to improving decision-making that ultimately benefits our investors. We are also convinced that diversity is an integral component of being a long-term oriented, sustainable investor, that offers equal opportunities to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds.

Although we are in the early stages of a long-term diversity, equity and inclusion journey, some highlights of what we have achieved so far include:

  • the Firm’s Executive Committee has adopted DEI as one of its key initiatives
  • from 2017 to 2021, we increased the proportion of female team members within the Firm's Partner and Principal group from 5% to 11%
  • in the same period, we also tripled the number of female partners and principals within our private equity investment team, and now have over 30% women

senior female investment professionals
of our private equity managers have a DEI policy in place
of new hires in 2021 were females

Talent recruiting and retention

Over the last few years, a top priority for LGT Capital Partners has been to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce. The first step in achieving this has been to broaden the application pool to attract and recruit diverse talent. One example of this is a partnership with the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Twice a year, we host events on campus and at our office for female students to introduce them to our firm and asset management as an industry. We are continuing to establish other partnerships and initiatives in other LGT Capital Partners offices globally.

Setting clear expectations

We also have set clear expectations with the recruitment agents we work with to present a broader pool of talent, while working with a wide range of external organizations to expand the group of applicants. Our 2021 recruitment results reflect that these efforts are bearing fruit, where 43% of new hires were female.

Equally important is the development and retention of diverse talent within the firm. Only by ensuring an inclusive culture, where all staff members are given equal opportunities, will we be able to retain a diversified workforce. A positive result from our staff development and retention efforts can also be seen in our numbers, for example, over the last five years, we increased the proportion of senior female team members from 5% to 11%. We are committed to increasing this ratio further over the next couple of years. 

Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture

We support our staff members and promote a culture of lifelong learning. LGT Capital Partners partnered with Blue Ocean Brain (BOB), a professional development e-learning platform, through which we offer our staff members learning modules on various topics related to diversity and inclusion. At the same time, together with BOB, we offer leadership training for our senior team members on how to embrace DEI and develop inclusive skills to foster an environment where everyone is respected and feels they belong.

Hanna Edstroem, ESG Officer Liquid Markets, LGT Capital Partners

" It’s a flat organization and I really enjoy working with so many smart and motivated people. During my time at LGT Capital Partners, I have had the opportunity to work in different roles and locations. One highlight was my relocation to the Hong Kong office." 

, Head News Based Trading, LGT Capital Partners

Brice Tsakam, Asset Allocation Analyst, LGT Capital Partners

"LGT CP is an entrepreneurial company with a fantastic company culture! Team work, collaboration are at the heart of success. The company is committed to a long term approach while conducting business. The team is growing rapidly, there are lots of opportunities to expand our knowledge, our network and responsibilities.

The level of commitment to diversity and inclusion is the highest I could ever observe in person – after working at several fortune 500 and several startups. There are diversity and inclusion metrics in place concrete, effective steps are taken and reviewed at regular staff meetings. In my view this is consistent with the long term commitment of LGT CP to ESG principles and the development into a truly global company. This is a growing company that lives its core values while moving forward."

Brook Chang, Sales Manager, LGT Capital Partners

"Joining LGT gave me the opportunity to be part of a deep and experienced alternatives platform and have a much broader perspective given the firm’s global presence.

Diversity & Inclusion is a very important topic and it is nice to see that LGT CP is making progress in its own engagement and activity. LGT CP is a signatory of the Diversity in Action initiative by ILPA, and involved with a number of DEI organizations globally. I think there’s always been an acknowledgement that diversity of thought, team composition, and an inclusive culture are crucial to facilitating a positive work environment and achieving success. While there is still room to grow, change does not happen overnight and I feel confident that LGT CP will continue to make good progress in effecting change through our own actions and engagement."

Rafael Silveira, Portfolio Manager, LGT Capital Partners

"Being originally from Latin America, I found the environment at LGT CP to be extremely open and based on meritocracy. Similar to many companies in the asset management industry and beyond, we have the opportunity to do even better in the future, increasing diversity within the workforce and promoting inclusion at all levels of the firm. I am happy to see the firm taking concrete steps in that direction and being directly involved in these efforts."

Yan Guo, Investment Manager, LGT Capital Partners

"LGT Capital Partners has a great gender balance in Asia. In our PE team of 13 people, we have 7 female colleagues across all levels, one of the highest in the industry. Diversity initiatives are constantly held such as seminars and speeches on work life balance for women and how to incorporate greater diversity in the organization."

Dimitri Kroujiline, Head News Based Trading, LGT Capital Partners

"When I joined in 2003, LGT Capital Partners had around 50 staff members. I was impressed by the firm’s entrepreneurial attitude, long-term focus and collegial environment. It is important that LGT Capital Partners, as a fast growing company, maintains this culture which has convinced many people, not only me, to work here." 

Partnering for DEI success

We participate in industry organizations focused on DEI in order to collaborate with peers and to help raise awareness in our industry. Below a list of organizations that we are members of:

100 Women in Finance

100 Women in Finance

100WF have a mission to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. The vision is for women to occupy 30% of senior investment roles and executive committee positions by 2040.



Out Investors ('OI') is a global organization that was founded with the mission to make the direct investing industry more welcoming for LGBT+ individuals. ​The OI network operates through local chapters in major financial city centers and is formed in partnership with investment organizations. There are over 50 partner investment organizations in the OI network spanning private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and other asset managers.



ILPA Diversity in Action – an initiative that brings together limited partners and general partners who share a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the private equity industry.



Advance is the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland, a network of over 110 Swiss-based companies committed to increasing the share of women in management. We are convinced that a gender equal workplace is a win-win for men, women, business and society at large. Do you think so too?

  • Level 20 – an organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in the private equity industry, with the target of 20% of senior roles to be held by women. Senior LGT Capital Partners team members actively participate by serving as mentor to young female professionals within the firm
  • Private Equity Women Investor Network (PEWIN) – an invitation-only organization, with the mission of fostering and growing relationships globally, professionally and personally, among senior women in private equity
  • Women in Secondaries network – seeks to empower, promote and support women working in the private equity secondaries industry
  • Kvinnokapital – is a private network of women in asset management. The industry has come a long way in gender equality, but there is still room for improvement. We believe that a local women’s networking group can help build contacts, exchange experience, share knowledge and inspire each other, thereby strengthening women’s position in the Nordic asset management industry.

DEI Committee

  • Martha Heitmann
  • Martha Heitmann, Partner, DEI Chair

  • Werner von Baum
  • Werner von Baum, Managing Partner, CRO

  • Hanna Edström
  • Hanna Edström, Executive Director

  • Ben Linder
  • Benjamin Linder, Partner

  • Gian Luca Di Carlo
  • Gian Luca Di Carlo, Associate Director

"We have created a very diverse workforce when it comes to the nationalities and backgrounds of the people we employ. But when it comes to gender balance, we still have work to do. And therefore, we have launched several initiatives to attract, retain and promote talented women."


Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner LGT Capital Partners